fluidmedia (iOS)

fluidmedia the iOS client for Fluidmedia allows community members to use the capabilities of the iPhone and iPad to quickly create, curate and share content and media.

The fluidmedia personal stream and album mosaic.


Fluidmedia is a community-based media sharing and story-telling platform that connects communities of people with images and video that they wish to share. Community members are able to use shared media and content to create unique print media and digital experiences.

The Fluidmedia web app.

fluidmedia (Android)

fluidmedia simply a webview wrapper providing a convenient Google Play store presence. Provides similar functionality to the Fluidmedia web-app.

Relic of Life

Relic of Life enables player to track the life, poison and commander totals of themselves and their opponent in 1 on 1 Magic the Gathering games. Provides a match clock to ensure matches do not run too long in game types that have time limits. Players can supply a custom name for themselves that shows up in the app navigation.

Styled to add to the atmosphere and experience of playing Magic the Gathering!

The Relic of Life player health and match clock views.


KGFloatingDrawer is a twist on the nav-drawer pattern for hiding content not frequently used off screen. A reimplementation of JVFloatingDrawer in Swift.

KGFloatingDrawer in the opened state.


The web presence of Rouge Photography + Design. A local photography and design company with a focus on boudoir photography.

rougephoto.ca displayed on a mobile device.


Home Sweet Code

The blog and portfolio of Kyle Goddard, Software Developer

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