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Oh man have I been down this road before, starting my site and blog I mean. This time it's gonna stick, I can feel it.

I've been working on reimplementing JVFloatingDrawer in Swift. The new project is called KGFloatingDrawer, and works as closely as possible to JVFloatingDrawer as I could manage in a short time. I will make efforts to ensure that any changes to the original project are reimplemented in this new one. This should allow developers who are familiar with either, a flat learning curve if they choose to use the other in a new project with the alternate language.

Thanks to the brilliant work of a colleague of mine and his generous permission to wholesale copy the logic into Swift I now have the most popular project hosted on GitHub that I have yet written. As of writing this it's amassed 125 stars!

For those interested in using the project it can be installed as a Cocoapod. A quick note of caution; KGFloatingDrawer uses a beta version of Swift (1.2) and until XCode 6.3 is released it can't be used in a project. It will be interesting to see if there is a bump in popularity for the project once the new version of XCode is released and the AppStore starts accepting apps using Swift 1.2. My fingers are crossed.

pod 'KGFloatingDrawer', '~> 0.1.2'

The point of this blog will be to relay any interesting tidbits I stumble upon regarding software development with a focus on iPhone and iPad development. I also plan to post some tutorials that relate to real world challenges that I run into while developing for iOS. Where possible I'll focus on Swift, however I'm sure that some Objective-C will creep in from some older projects. Generally the quality should be better than this post, which is more of a feet wetting exercise.

What an exciting few weeks it has been. Within a month I've been to RWDevCon, written a popular github project, and started this blog. It feels good to be at it again.

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